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About GI Creative

GI Creative

GI Creative is a Google certified worldwide commissioned agency, concentrated on communication, creative content, PR, storytelling, advertising, web presence and marketing.

We have been helping businesses develop and adapt to the ever-changing digital world for over seven years now. It is crucial for us to provide special treatment for each client and brand and cater for their individual needs.

Digital marketing is definitely top priority as it is cost effective and transparent. However, we also offer excellent PR, Media Relations and traditional marketing such as newspaper ads, radio ads and billboards, as part of our 360-degrees approach.

Work at GI Creative begins with excellent copywriting and content, and expands to a consistent marketing campaign targeting the right audience. We can build your web presence from scratch, as well as thoroughly analyse an existing website and marketing campaign and suggest improvements. Clients trust us and adopt our strategies, which leads to unprecedented progress for their enterprises. Superb research skills and understanding of consumer psychology allow us to analyse the market, identify the correct target audience and reach it in the most efficient way. The team keeps up to date with the latest marketing news and advancements, particularly with respect to digital marketing, social media, SEO, web design and branding. We have designed and implemented marketing plans and materials for businesses in a variety of sectors, such as finance, wealth management, business services, real estate, luxury goods, travel & tourism, hospitality and the arts. Our impressive portfolio is comprised of award-winning digital campaigns, websites, branding, products and games.


Beyond Marketing And Communications, We Help Businesses Evolve And Grow In The New Digital Landscape.


What We Do


It is not hard to be unique. However, it takes effort to stand out. We are here to provide the knowledge, experience and creativity you need to take the lead in your industry. All potential customers will hear your mighty new voice and feel the urgent need to buy your products.


When there are broken or missing tools in your marketing toolbox we step in and suggest improvements to your campaign, even if you called us only for some fresh new keywords. We have the expertise and resources to fill in the gaps and replace the unnecessary. Relying on SEO, clever design, PPC, etc: The real marketers’ power tools.


We gathered 30,000 Facebook followers in one year, received 4,000 shares for a single video post. We got 25,000 views for two dollars! Let’s do even better with your brand!


Nowadays it isn’t as hard as it used to be to produce an excellent copy. Selling something is relatively easy too. However, it takes strategic expertise to combine both and get the perpetual website traffic required for a copy to bring in a lot of sales. We have got you covered, our content strategies do not fail. Prepare yourselves for money-counting.


We are a unit, we work as one! At the same time each team member has their unique area of expertise. Having managed to achieve and maintain this balance we offer specialist care in social media, ad production, content strategy, branding, PR and full-blown marketing campaigning for a wide range of industries, counting yours as well.


Yes, you may have the best product, the perfect idea, the most magnificent design and a concrete business plan, but what if nobody can find you? Let us tweak your keywords and set your potential free. We are here to allow the right people to see what you are doing and, ultimately, pay you for it.

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