Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Google Ads and Pay Per Click

Pay per click has proved to be one of the most valuable forms of advertising of all time.

These are no rumours!

Choosing PPC not only allows your business to be discovered more easily, but also gives you real-time information about the efficiency of your marketing. We can start your brand new Google Ads campaign or retarget an existing one and manage it successfully.

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Ads do get clicked on during searches. PPC is extremely effective. Only when executed correctly, though. You need professionals, who know how to deal with all the variables and permutations. Let this not scare you! We are here to assist. We will filter out all inappropriate queries, optimize landing pages and predict the intentions and behavior of your potential customers.

PPC Campaign Management Services

We start by creating a PPC strategy for you from scratch. We believe your needs are unique and need to be treated as such. Your own PPC strategist will be assigned to work closely with you and provide assistance at all times. We work with the latest bid management, landing page testing and call tracking technology.
Writing advertisements (A/B testing of the ad text); Advertisement schedule, pay per click overview and optimization to reduce the price of each click; Ads extras (additional links, phone number, address, etc.)

Keyword strategy: Increasing and decreasing of keywords when necessary. Increasing and decreasing the list of negative keywords; Evaluation and optimisation of keywords matching.
Account optimization: Ad group and optimization review; Campaign settings optimization and review; Optimization and review of the click-through rate (CTR); Optimization and review of the price per click; Review and optimization of the Quality Score; Monthly report of the advertisement campaign status;


Typical PPC Engagements

GI Creative normally provides Full Service Campaign Management for an initial 6 or 12 month period. However, some special situations do require a different approach.

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Measurement & Monitoring

Key performance indicators (KPI) set goals and provide customized reports that indicate how these goals can be achieved. Another important aspect is Return on investment (ROI) of brands with completely different business models. We will help you design and adapt these models so that they correspond to your specific business needs. Data is the powerhouse of business. It is extremely important to understand how audiences react to our work in order to provide continuous innovation. Therefore, we see the invaluable tool of analytics as an unabated, ongoing element of progress.

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