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Use our social media marketing services to develop brand awareness, relationships and website traffic.

Brand Awareness or How to Get More Followers

Increasing the number of followers on social media allows more people to learn about your brand and refer it to their friends. Letting us manage your accounts means taking this to the next level.

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Your followers will become mainly customers, supporters and fans. No more irrelevant crowds. We make sure that people who click “like” and “follow” match the online behaviour and interests of your current customers.

Establish Engagement

To build strong relationships with your followers you need to get them seriously involved. This undoubtedly leads to more and more sales.

We will be asking your audience relevant questions, providing intriguing content and useful advice. This leads to honest likes and reviews, lengthy comments and truly engaged followers.

Website Traffic

If more people see your well-designed website you are bound to have more leads and sales. Getting these extra visitors is the main focus of our social media ad campaigns.

We will use all the tricks up our sleeve, such as, add-on retargeting ads, in order to get those traffic numbers rising.

Advertising on Social Media

A social media manager will be assigned to manage your accounts and help you increase cost-efficiency and end-results. Our specialists will learn everything about your company and devise a tailored advertising strategy.

Advertising Strategy

It is virtually pointless to spend money until you have a concrete long-term marketing plan. The strategies we develop are comprehensible and compact, yet detailed and effective. They include tested and confirmed ad funnels, which will help you see how we turn random people into website traffic, conversions and customers.

Catchy ads

Our advertisement professionals will write mesmerising content and create alluring images for your campaign to make people crave clicking.

A/B split tests will be run on your advertisements to differentiate between over- and under-achievers.

Ad Monitoring and Optimization

We will keep checking on your ads on a daily basis. We like efficient advertisements only! As soon as we identify an underperforming one, we will pause it and launch new ads to keep the good results flowing.

Feedback and Reports

You should be aware of the performance of your paid advertisements. You will receive monthly reports and having installed conversion tracking on your ads, we will be able to tell what works and what does not.

Our approach to social advertising incorporates strategically smart targeting, community management, quality content production and efficient paid advertising. Our efforts result in ads that resonate with the community, provide channel growth and a devout audience, all of which at a tremendously reduced cost per engagement. Owing to our well-structured and market-tested methods, we are able to execute a small-scale product launch, manage the entire array of social media websites and build a successful social strategy from A to Z with easily measurable results.

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