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GI Creative knows how to promote your brand, content, or product.

Through our years of experience we have seen the proof of what we have learned at school: marketing content well is at least as important as writing it well in the first place. We will stay with close to you throughout your entire brand journey and make sure your message resonates across a wide range of platforms.

Once we create your story, brand image or campaign idea, we proceed to executing some of our tested marketing strategies. Building websites, content, search audiences, social media and conversion strategies in order to boost brand awareness, number of enquiries, subscriptions and sales.


Nowadays, the digital sphere requires colossal versatility from copywriters. Our talented team works alongside designers, in order to produce compelling, personalized messages directed at specific target audiences.
We write stories that move and inspire readers. Our content creates devout followers from mere consumers. This is possible because we know what people want to hear and read. We all need hard facts, useful advice and encouragement to make the right choices. We also need entertainment and inspiration. Designing content strategies that meet these needs is the way to engage an audience and keep it waiting for the next article, blogpost, video, picture, quiz, guide, book, song, jingle, presentation, etc.

First, we analyse your needs as a customer. Immediately after this we build your content strategy. We plan all content calendars and schedule posts. Once this system is established we amend and adapt it every single day. We keep writing, generating illustrations and videos. Print and upload brochures and posters. Expand your network and multiply channels. We will do our best to pass on all our skills and knowledge to your in-house team, while tracking and reporting everything about your campaign.

 Video & Photography 

Have you ever walked into a store and upon seeing an item for sale, instantly remembered the advertisement, which you had seen on TV about it? If you can recollect such a memory, then that video ad was made professionally, with a lot of creativity devoted in order to capture the viewers’ attention.
What about buying or using a product or service only because of the interesting advertisement, which you had seen on television? In fact, a lot of research has been done about this and a considerable number of people admit to having bought the product just because of the advertisement, especially when a video clip offers solutions to their everyday problems.
Professional advertisement video making takes time. It requires knowledge and in-depth research and understanding of the company’s concept. We research your corporate identity and ideas with precision in order to recreate them in your corporate video in the most accessible and comprehensible way for viewers.

The price of a video advertisement varies, depending on the level of complexity of the task, the time it takes to finish, the number of participants and the technology required. The concept of each advertisement clip is of great significance. For a video ad to be successful, synchronicity between quality corporate video-making and marketing strategy needs to be achieved. This is exactly what our experienced team is doing. As with everything else, our approach to video advertisements is strictly individual for every client. We need to talk about your company and learn all about it in order to be able to creatively elicit the brand’s philosophy and agenda in the video. When deciding to work with GI Creative you are effectively choosing great quality at an affordable price. Our excellent team of professionals uses the latest technology to shoot and edit. Your videos are safe with us.

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