Nowadays, the general public is, without a doubt, engaged more than ever before.

Clients want more than to just consume a product or service. They want an empowered role. They demand to be involved and expect rich, multi-layer relationships with the brands they chose and the communities they influence.

To thrive in this environment a business needs to be versatile and cover all sorts of areas of marketing.


GI Creative provides professional services in communication strategies, product promotions, marketing research, social media marketing, web development and maintenance, graphic design, media purchasing, event management, media monitoring, crisis management and more. We work extra hard to establish and maintain strong relations with media, governments and international investors.

GI Creative empowers brands to reach target audiences through proactive product placement. Our expertise enables us to help products break through the clutter in a crowded, distracted market. Seeing a product in a magazine, television show or movie directly influences consumer opinion and increases buzz and sales. We are skilled at brand integration in all types of media, boosting brand awareness and persuading consumers to buy.

Brand Strategy
Competitor Analysis
Swot Analysis
Media Strategy and Relations
Trend Forecasting
Digital PR
Influencer Seeding
Events Management
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Celebrity Matching
Talent Management
Influencer Marketing Agency Initiatives
Celebrity Brand Loyalty Programs
Spokesperson Alignment & Development

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