Make Instagram work for you! It’s been a good long run for Instagram over the past seven years. Turning from a vanity fair into a forum for buzzing brand activity and efficient marketing made the platform perfect for any business to showcase products and brand identity. Instagram has over 700 million users. It is no longer recommended to be on it, it is a must! But how do you make the most of your time spent there? Follow these tips and you will surely get it right! Get on top of your influencer relationships! Influencer marketing has grown unbelievably much since the era of Instagram began. To really be efficient in it, however, one needs to set their eyes on the right person. Make sure the influencers you chose to represent your brand and products are related to them. It is easy to buy fake followers these days, so keep a close eye on your reach and conversions. Understand and use the algorithm of Instagram wisely! As you have probably noticed, the content on our user feeds in most social platforms does not appear in chronological order. The app decides what we need and want to see first. Decisions are predominantly based on likes and comments.

This means that you definitely have to present some truly engaging content to your followers. Use calls to action, ask your crowd to write comments, tag friends! Provoke them, engage them and you will do great. Stay stunning! It is all about appearance on Instagram! You really need to get high quality content in your posts. This means amazing pictures and, of course an eye-pleasing profile as a whole. Pay attention to the details of aesthetics or they will simply not follow you. Business profile! Convert your profile to business and you will be able to connect it with your Facebook page. This means less time spent, yet more efficient monitoring of your activity. Taking this last step will allow you to understand your crowd better and see which posts work and which don’t. Happy Instagramming

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