Yes, we most certainly do! All of us.

According to Lifewire magazine, and not only, this is “the formatting of Website design in a way that is most optimal for viewing and navigation across a wide range of devices, including traditional PCs, smartphones and tablet devices.”

The hegemony of PCs is long gone. Nowadays we access the internet from a number of devices which is growing as we speak… Therefore, your website being compatible with as many of them as possible is not simply a good thing, it is a must! Let’s look at some of the reasons why:

1st Google knows best!

If the most popular and powerful search engine in the world says “we mandatorily recommend responsive web design”, we should listen and implement. Google’s advice is priceless, it is wise to start following it as soon as possible.

2nd Be professional at all times!

As you hopefully know, mistakes on your webpages truly put customers off. Duplicated content is one of the most unpleasant things to display. And if you do not go for responsive design, you will most likely have issues with that. This is because you will need to set up different pages for different mediums. It is risky! Please, keep it simple, have the same page for all devices. Make your website really work!

3rd Links built to impress!

With responsive web design we get a unique URL for every single page. The same link will take you to the main site and the mobile site. This helps your page rank remain stable and avoids dilution.

4th Google adapts. Do we?

There are far more searches from mobile devices than from PCs. The way Google responds to this is by ranking URLs, which are optimized for mobile devices, much higher than the ones, which are not. It is as simple as that, so let us adapt.

5th Keeping the bounce rate down.

Your website visitors quickly leave if you do not offer them proper customer engagement features. Google almost immediately takes account of this and reduces your ranking, which ultimately makes you lose traffic and sales. We do not want this! So we go for responsive design, which targets your viewers and rearranges your website according to the medium, making your pages easy to access and fun to use. Over time, your ranking on Google will sky-rocket and you will witness the real power of your SEO.

Responsive web design will simplify your website maintenance, increase your visibility and search rankings. We encourage you to opt for it as this will greatly improve your performance.

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