In order to run efficient SEO, we need to know which words to get our sites to rank for. This is important because only the most relevant keywords will get us relevant traffic, interest in our brands, leads and finally sales.

Knowledge takes research. I our case we need to understand what people type in a search engine when they have a specific request. Once we get there, marketing opportunities are almost endless. After spending our time and money doing keyword research, we can finally see the most popular search phrases and shifts in demand.

Remember, we need to aim for balance between popularity and relevance. Once we understand the profile of the users, we can tailor keywords and keep our landing pages attractive, popular and non-misleading.

For example, when somebody types “VW Beetle 1973” into Google, they probably just want to see some pictures and read some information. On the other hand, when someone types “VW Beetle for sale Sofia”, they are most likely willing to make a purchase.

When talking about SEO we need to take into account that, as mentioned above, popularity is not the most important thing. The key is to be popular within the right crowd, in the right place and time. If searchers are happy to find your page, even if it isn’t always easy, then your chances of making sales increase dramatically.

And surely, we must all try to keep things realistic too. Being relevant and popular is not always that easy, especially when competing for keywords with huge, influential companies. Yes, we want to take a piece of the most popular keywords, but we should never forget that long tail keywords are more specific and could be even more effective to use, especially when we keep track of as many combinations as possible.

We hope you understand better the vast importance of keyword research and the advantages it could provide when done properly.

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